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NFL fans roasted attorney's lawsuit to replay the end of Rams-Saints

The New Orleans Saints are still reeling from Sunday’s controversial NFC Championship loss, which saw a blown pass interference no-call keep the Rams’ Super Bowl hopes alive.

And now, an attorney is doing what attorneys do: Suing.

According to WDSU New Orleans reporter Travers Mackel, attorney Frank D’Amico plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of Saints season ticket holders to get the league to replay the ending of Rams-Saints with the pass interference penalty accurately called. He released a statement, which was basically a word-for-word plagiarized version of this ProFootballTalk article.

D’Amico wants the court to have commissioner Roger Goodell enact Rule 17, Article 3, which allows for the reversal of a result or a replayed game in the event of an “extraordinary act.”

Though it’s odd the rule exists, there’s no way the league would set that precedent ahead of the Super Bowl. It simply won’t happen, and the Hail Mary lawsuit (if it actually gets filed) only subjected the Saints to more internet ridicule. Even Miami football — all too familiar with blown no-calls — thought the lawsuit was a bit much.


Good luck with that.

Putting that law degree to use.

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