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Ball don't lie: Patriots give up turnover after refs overturn muffed punt call

There were about three minutes in the fourth quarter of the Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship game on Sunday night in which ten lives were lived. It was an emotional decade. There were so many ups and downs we’re struggling to remember them all.

It started when the Patriots were leading 17-14 and had the ball on the Chiefs 20. It was fourth and inches, and the Patriots kept their offense on the field. Instead of a Tom Brady sneak, they elected to hand the ball off to Rex Burkhead … and were stuffed.

The Chiefs got the ball back, went three and out, and then punted.

Then everything went insane.

The ball appeared to hit the hands of the Patriots’ Julian Edelman in a muffed punt, and the Chiefs picked up the loose ball. The ruling on the field was Chiefs ball. Everyone thought it was Chiefs ball.

Then they went to the review, and looked, and looked, and looked … and then it was no longer the Chiefs ball. In perhaps the upset of the NFL playoffs, the officials overturned the call and ruled that Edelman never touched it.

Chiefs fans were apoplectic. Andy Reid looked befuddled. It was just another moment in a long line of moments that have broken for the New England Patriots.

Then Tom Brady through an immediate interception … through the hands of Julian Edelman.

I’d embed all the “ball don’t lie” tweets but let’s just let this one do all the work.

Two plays later – after ANOTHER play reviewed, this time a correct challenge from New England on a dropped Chiefs pass – Patrick Mahomes found Damien Williams in space for a long TD, the Chiefs had a 21-17 lead, and the collective NFL world needed a cigarette.

A stuffed fourth down, muffed punt, overturned call, interception, second overturned call, and a touchdown. In the span of a couple minutes of game time.

We’ve still got six minutes to go in this game. It’s only going to get crazier.

What just happened.

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