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9 more crazy Anthony Davis trades, according to Trade Machine

The NBA world is going nuts on Monday with the report that Anthony Davis has informed the New Orleans Pelicans he won’t sign an extension and wants to be traded to another team, preferably a contender.

That means we got another morning filled with speculation by way of the ESPN Trade Machine that allows die-hard fans to send The Brow to teams and make it work under the salary cap. It’s fun for everyone (including Pels fans who could see what they’d net in return).

After we did this in December, let’s take a look at more of the deals you came up with.

1. The Brow and Bron get united

This seems about right for the Lakers, and it’s a pretty great haul for the Pels.

2. The Knicks get Davis

Knicks fans would dream of this … but is this the best return for the Pelicans? DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge are great, but doesn’t New Orleans want younger assets?

3. Detroit steals Davis

Hahaha NO.

4. The Raps get another star

The Pelicans would hang up on the Raps’ front office if they made that offer.

5. The Raps get another star, Part II

That’s better.

6. OKC goes all-in

I secretly want the Thunder to attempt a heist of Davis, so this would be fun.

7. Davis goes West to Portland

Not bad.

8. The Bucks get ANOTHER long-armed center

Can you imagine?

9. NBA Twitter blows up at this one

I don’t know where to start. John Wall to New Orleans? Bradley Beal AND BROW in L.A.? Lonzo Ball and Luka Doncic on the same team? MAGNIFICENT!

Here’s what you came up with.

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