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Blizzard tease new Widowmaker and Pharah skins for Halloween Terror

With the Halloween Terror event for Overwatch dropping next week, it’s time for fans to get some in game skin reveals. The other day we got two new skins, one for Doomfist, and one for Moira. Well it looks as though Blizzard is keeping up with the Talon reveal theme here, as they just teased a new epic skin for Widowmaker.

“I will haul them into my web.”

Take SPIDER WIDOWMAKER (Epic) for a spin next week! Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9!

We sure wouldn’t mind getting caught in this spiders web, because this epic skin looks, well…epic!

It seems only fitting that Widowmaker would be getting a skin for the Halloween event, as Blizzard did tease the new Halloween map may be Chateau Guillard. This is the third skin revealed by Blizzard for the upcoming terror event, with Doomfist’s “Creature from the Black Lagoon” themed skin, and Moira’s banshee.

Blizzard also teased a new skin for Pharah! Pharah is a hero we feel needs more good skins, and this one is great! Paying homage to the Headless Horseman, this skin is both spooky and slick!

That’s the spirit.

BOO-P your enemies as ENCHANTED ARMOR PHARAH (Legendary)!

Overwatch Halloween Terror beings Oct 9!

There are still a few slot’s left on the spoiled roster of skins, and our money is on Soldier:76 and Wrecking Ball at the very least. As of right now there are no other reveals for skins or other in game items, but we will keep you updated.

With this new reveal who are looking forward to getting a new skin this season? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below, or over on our Twitter, who you think is the most deserving of a new legendary skin.

The feature image for this post is provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

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