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Blizzard releases video teasing Overwatch LEGOs

In recent months, Blizzard has been going crazy with all sorts of new toy partnerships. They announced their partnership with Nerf to bring fans replica blasters, and they are certainly familiar with Funko and their line of POP! Vinyl figures. Back in August, the gaming giant announced that they would finally be partnering with LEGO. They did so in the form of a character select screen with silhouettes of six heroes, ones that we can only assume will be a part of the first official release of products.

Yesterday, fans got another teaser for the upcoming line of Overwatch LEGOs.

Build the perfect team, brick by brick.

Coming soon: Overwatch sets!

The video that was attached to the official tweet showcases Jeff Kaplan as he puts together a brick Tracer. Shortly after her creation, the brick-form hero begins to zip around the screen before the video cuts to the classic LEGO and Overwatch banners.

Since the game’s release, LEGO fans have been creating their own renditions of characters from the game – with D.Va being the most commonly created – so it’s exciting to see some officially licensed sets coming into existence.

Aside from the “reveal” of the brick-form of Tracer, no official images have been released of the future LEGO Overwatch sets. As always, we will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

What kind of sets are you hoping to see? Are there any sort of toy partnerships you’d like to see with Overwatch in the future? Let us know!

The feature image for this article was provided by Blizzard Entertainment. 

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