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AMA: Team Australia talk the World Cup and kangaroo meat

With Australia heading to the World Cup 2018 finals at BlizzCon, it was time for them to take to Reddit to ask your most burning of questions. Majority of the teams’ AMAs consisted of thoughts on the World Cup or what players’ thoughts on the meta were, but nonetheless, fans were able to get some great insight on what it’s like being on an Overwatch World Cup team.

Dr-Nacho: How easy/difficult has it been to adjust to shotcalling for a brand new group of guys? What are the similarities and differences that you’ve noticed between OWL and the World Cup?

Custa: It’s a very different dynamic any team that you join, players play and communicate it different ways. When I first joined the Australian players it was a learning process for everyone to try and gel together as a group with the short amount of practice time we had.

The team was very receptive to Gunba the coach and actually have a lot of similarities to the guys that I have played with in OWL. I personally just called and led as I usually do and the team adapted around that.

wilkshake: What was the most tense moment for you all during the qualifiers in Thailand?

Gunba: Has to be our match against Sweden. We had no practice for 3 straight matches and lost a really important match to Denmark just hours before, so the team was in pretty bad spirits. Being able to rally together and develop the belief as a team that we could win, keeping in mind at the time Sweden was a clear favorite. I think it’s why we deserve to be at BlizzCon.

Akraken: The most tense moment for me personally was when we weren’t even playing. We were watching the Sweden vs Denmark game and we knew that if Sweden won we only had to get one map off the group’s titans: China. It was a super close series as well with insane plays being made on both sides, and had us all on the edge of our seats.

theminijuan: What has been your favourite moment of the World Cup so far?

Custa: The qualification guarantee after full holding China on Anubis was a pretty big moment for the team

Ckm: For me personally I’d have to say when we took the map we needed off China or our match vs Sweden. We put a lot of time and effort into the Sweden match up and it was a great feeling to see it pay off.

Rqt: The tuk tuks.

Team Australia was able to deviate from the World Cup topic, with some questions regarding the Overwatch League and Contenders.

ToboTheHobo: Do any of you have trials with owl teams?

Gunba: Almost everyone on the team has multiple OWL or Contenders trials – unfortunately trials this year are almost exclusively on US servers so the ping is horrendous.

Not sure if we’ll see anyone specifically in OWL, especially since Punk and Akraken aren’t eligible.

I think that Trill absolutely deserves to be on an OWL roster – I’ve seen him consistently outperform top Korean main tanks in practice many times.

Unfortunately he has to trial on 250 ping, so it’s easy to get overlooked.

cerebralTurbulence: what are the most important things Blizzard can do to improve the AUS Contenders scene?

Gunba: I think that the smaller contenders regions can’t improve and artificially propping them up won’t help. Not sure whatever Blizzard does or doesn’t do is that important – they barely supported Korea prior to OWL, for example.

The key ingredient for a successful contenders scene is the size of the player base. It would be preferable if there was a single Pacific Contenders region hosted somewhere more central (e.g. Singapore) where we could see a lot of talent compete at once.

Following the usual talk about Overwatch, fans were able to have some light shed on a very serious question, courtesy of MinimumLadder.

MinimumLadder: Which one of you has actually tried Kangaroo and who would recommend it?

Custa: Kangaroo is actually a pretty common meat in Australian restaurants. It’s personally my favorite meat as it’s quite lean and very tasty.

Rqt: Kangaroo is too tough for me personally but has a nice taste. It’s not bad.

Ckm: I tried it ages ago… it’s alright? Nothing crazy though haha.

Hus: *raises hand*
Kangaroo is simply tough red meat. You’re not missing out on much.

There you have it folks, kangaroo meat is no different from other red meats and is just as available as cow meat is here in the states. For more questions like this, the full AMA can be found here.

The featured image for this post was provided by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

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