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AMA: Fleta and Munchkin on Season 2 and Ryujehong's hair

Earlier this week the Seoul Dynasty held an AMA with Fleta and Munchkin, over on Reddit. Fans were able to ask the players their burning questions, including asking about the future of Overwatch and Season Two of the Overwatch League, as well as some stuff about Ryujehong’s hair. All in all, it was a good time. Here’s a peek into the minds of Fleta and Munchkin.

adrianwarp: For fleta: What about jake’s play in overwatch league season 1 made you call him the best (or best western) player at the time? This was at the height of junkrat meta so he really shined but I think fans are still curious because of his perceived inflexibility.

For both of you: What excites you for season 2!?

Fleta: At the time of when I said that he was really one of the best western players. People thought I was joking/memeing but I genuinely believed he was (and still is) a top tier player. His Junkrat is really scary to play against.

F/M: We’re excited to show you a new look Seoul Dynasty & show what we’ve been working on in the off season.

blankepitaph: Who (or what teams) would you say are your biggest rivals in Season 2?

Also: what are the most important things you would say Fissure brings to the team?

F/M: We think the new expansions teams will be very dangerous/strong.

Munchkin: He has his own specific playstyle that only he can do.

Fleta: He’s good at leading the team in game.

Even with talks about expansion teams being the toughest rivals next season, Munchkin and Fleta seem to be pretty confident about their ability to reign supreme.

-MS-94-: Are you going to win OWL season 2?

F/M: Yes.

Nadia0915: Fleta: As Pharah changed lately, do you think that she will be used in [the] League often?

Fleta: As long as Doomfist/Sombra aren’t used heavily around that time, then yes I can see Pharah being used often!

Profitanddeficit: Who do you guys think are the top 3 tracers and top 3 widowmakers in Overwatch League?

Fleta: Widowmaker:

  • Carpe
  • Pine
  • SoOn

Munchkin: Tracer:

  • Striker
  • Carpe
  • Bunny

Even with majority of the AMA being serious Overwatch League talk, Fleta and Munchkin had the opportunity to answer some more… wholesome questions. Along with their feelings about the game that helped them start their gaming career.

CaptainKirkHinrich: Has your love for the game faded since becoming pros, or has it become greater?

Munchkin: It’s gone down a little, but I still enjoy it.

Fleta: It’s faded a little, but because of my competitive desire to win, I have a greater desire/will to play than previously.

jhemptheman: Which player would you want to be signed to your team?

Fleta: Miro, I miss him.

Munchkin: Esca.

KingTidget: Have either of you guys brushed Ryujehong’s hair?

F/M: Every night before he sleeps.

There you have it folks, Fleta and Munchkin brush Ryujehong’s hair every night before bed. What could possibly be more wholesome than that?

All of the questions can be found in the full AMA, here.

The featured image for this post was provided by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.


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