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AMA: British Hurricane talk coaching and meta game

Earlier in the week, fans had the opportunity to participate in an AMA with the British Hurricane Contenders team. Hafficool, Kyb, MikeyA, Noukky, and Elbion were on the list of those being asked questions. While there were several questions flying about in the AMA, fans primarily seemed interested on the Hurricane’s thoughts on coaching, and the Overwatch League versus Contenders.

AspiringCake: How would you say the level of coaching differs between teams, in particular between tier 1 and 2, and within tier 2 between the teams backed by orgs and orgless teams? Would you say there is a particularly large difference in a coaches analytical understanding and ability to strategise and counter strategise, or their ability to motivate players and make the right things happen, or would you say that much of the difference between the tiers is in the players?

hafficool: I think OWL coaches are probably overall a lot better than contenders ones. Regarding the players I think that a lot of players in contenders are just as good as the OWL ones but they just don’t have the infrastructure and coaching to improve as much.

Elbion: The level of coaching doesn’t have a ton to do with the org really. It’s mostly about the coach, and how much effort they put into it. Although I will say, joining C9 and having a sports psychologist has been a big help.

Elbion’s full response can be found here.

Staticle: How are you practicing to be ready for trials and do you miss kraggie?

Elbion: By scrimming a whole lot. Obviously any team that goes from 1st to Trials has some issues to iron out. So fixing those issues has been the biggest focus.

tom220love: If you could have any one player on your team from OWL who and why?

Elbion: I’d rather have some of the OWL coaches over any player I could get. KDG comes to mind.

hafficool: Carpe.

The boys on the Hurricane did go pretty in-depth on their thoughts on coaching and general training, but how do they feel about the meta game?

HoneypuffCereal: Question for Kyb: you’ve been flex DPS’ing since the first iteration of ReUnited*. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in all that time?

Kyb: The most important thing I learned in all that time was how to play and communicate in a team properly and how to stay focused untilted etc because back in reunited I was a very quiet player almost never talking and just playing the game listening to my team make calls, nowadays I’m very vocal I call plans ults engages disengages etc just your normal comms I’m just sad I didn’t do all that back then I’m sure we would’ve been at the top for a long time if I did.

HoneypuffCereal: Question for Hafficool: If I recall correctly, you used to flex DPS like Kyb but switched roles to Off-Tank. Was there a mentality switch for you that you needed to adopt in switching those roles?

hafficool: I kinda transitioned over in quad tank meta when I joined fnatic. Because I was playing D.Va in quad tank and then D.Va becoming so meta later it just made sense for me and most people also said I was better on Off-Tank than dps. I juggled between the two for a long time until I joined hurricane and just focused on Off-Tank.

Honeypuffcereal: Question for MikeyA: All the way from TF2 to the British Hurricanes. You have some fierce competition with the DPS roster. How do you keep up with the rest of them? Big takeaways from the years in the comp scene across multiple games?

MikeyA: Always grind, learn new heroes when they come out, always try to think about how you play your heroes and how you have to change play styles as the meta changes. Make sure you’re happy/healthy outside of the game too and try to make sure you are enjoying the game and never getting into a rut/slump

Finally, user sfp33 asked the most importnat questions of all.

sfp33: Would you rather fight 10 goose sized BigGoose or one BigGoose sized goose?

Noukky: That’s 10 goose size BigGoose for me. They are prolly adorable.

MikeyA: 10 goose sized BigGoose for sure. Real geese are scary.

Well, no argument from us there, geese are jerks. Except for you BigGoose, you’re cool.

For more answers to questions like these, check out the full AMA here.

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